What You Will Find

  • A group of people experiencing God's grace.
  • A group of people building relationships as a community.
  • A group of people for whom Jesus died. His Body. His church.



At our Sunday meetings you will find...

Friendly people.

We love to meet new people and to have visitors join us.

Relaxed atmosphere.

You'll notice some people who like to dress up and others who don't. Feel free to wear what's comfortable for you.

Children are welcomed

In our Sunday meetings, we don’t send children off into a separate room.
We encourage families to be together like this, so that children can see how the grown-ups listen, pray, sing etc. After all, Immanuel means “God is with us” (all of us!) So the children learn alongside us, and not all of it goes over their heads.
Do talk to your child during the meeting, explaining as best you can what is going on.


If you’re bringing a child with you, here are some more helps that you’ll find:


Children’s activity sheet

This sheet is designed for each sermon, to help the children take something in. The sheet comes with a clipboard / pencil case so that children may stay sitting with their grown-up.

Play Area

If families would like to use the play area (train set, puzzles & more) they are most welcome, at any time. It is fine to jump up and wander over there, even in the middle of the sermon. The play area is currently near the back of the hall.




We welcome you to come and join us!