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Options for Immanuel Church Women

You could book yourself an in-person ticket here and use our forum to organise travel by car-sharing. Tickets are £10 per person.
Another option is to join the day by zoom, which is just £5. Book using the same link as above. Not the same as being there in person, and not sure that all the seminars are offered via zoom, because of the small group discussion sometimes involved. But neverthelsess a helpful option for health or travel reasons.

Seminar Speakers

Choose two from the following two seminars

Helen Thorne – Living the good life? Thriving in singleness
Claire Brodie – Our changing body and hormones; Thriving in all seasons of womanhood
Kim Bourne – Keeping going; Thriving through suffering
Emily Lucas – The heart of the matter; How true godliness can help us thrive
Claudette Baldwin – Adoption and caring for others;  thriving by pleasing God and reflecting a God who cares
Mel Street – Words, words, words; Thriving in all we say
Susanna Sanlon – Our plans and God’s priorities; Thriving despite disappointment
Janine Bending – Science and God; How can the two thrive together?

Main Speaker

Lizzy Smallwood is married to Simon. They have three children – Sam (24), Ailie (21) and Beatrice (12). For 23 years they worked at St. George’s – a small multi cultural urban Anglican church in Dagenham on the border of Essex/ East London. In 2019 they moved down to Bodmin in Cornwall to work in a small FIEC church there – just before COVID hit so it has been a strange time to start Gospel work in a new place. Bodmin is similar to Dagenham in many ways just closer to the sea.

Lizzy divides her time between being a minister’s wife and mum, a part time SEN secondary school teacher and helping out in and around the local church.
Her favourite way to relax is with a cup of tea and a good book. She actually enjoys walking the dog (Basil the stupid Springer Spaniel) but doesn’t admit openly to this.

Lizzy is never happier than when she has the  opportunity  to teach and apply God’s word to Christian women seeking to follow Christ in the 21st Century.



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