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External Resources

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Here are a bunch of places that we think are helpful. You might get an exact answer your particular question. More likely you’ll discover related content which will prompt yet more questions!

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“Short Answers”
by Solas CPC

Fantastic, short videos addressing huge range of objections and challenges around the Christian faith.

Here is an example of their videos ‘Do All Good People Go to Heaven?’
Or go the channel to browse their whole collection of brilliant short answer videos.

Above video sample video gives a summary of the overall bible story.

Or, visit the bible project video series “Intro to the Bible”

‘How to read the Bible’
by the bibleproject.com

The bible tells one story but in 66 ‘books of the bible’ of different genres. That is a lot of pages! Here are a few tips before you plunge in

  • You don’t have to start at the beginning
  • Find a translation that is easy to understand, perhaps the NIV or the NLT
  • Read it with someone else as a guide (see “The Word One to One”). Nearly everyone starts off like this. We love helping people get started

“The Word One to One”

Curious about the Bible? This course is designed for someone to discover what is says for themselves – by exploring it with the help of a Christian friend.

The Word One to One takes you through a section of the Bible called John’s Gospel – an eyewitness account of the life of Jesus, written by one of His closest friends.

It presents the text in bitesize chunks called ‘episodes’, helping you explore who Jesus is and allowing you to discuss your thoughts and questions along the way.

Contact us if you would like to read the word one to one with someone from church, either person or online.