Sunday Meetings

Sunday Meetings

Immanuel Church Sunday meetings are in the school hall at 10:30am

During the service

We sing a mixture of songs, classic and contemporary. The sermon is about 30minutes long, available afterwards on our youtube channel. Some weeks there is an opportunity for comments and questions after the sermon, which adds the chance to learn from one another.

People are invited by the leader to contribute to the meeting. And therefore we are encouraged by hearing how prayers have been answered, and what is happening in one another’s lives. You are free to just watch, or to participate as much as you want.

After the Service

This informal time is a key part of church life. People are welcomed, relationships are formed. Care and support is offered and received, as the church family talk with one another. Birthday cake is sometimes on offer, when the occasion calls for it! Otherwise coffee tea and biscuits are served. During covid lockdowns we moved coffee time onto zoom, since it is such a vital part of church family life. Sunday meetings at Immanuel church are like family gatherings and we want to make everyone feel comfortable to join us.


Please do not attend in person if you have coronavirus symptoms.
During covid we continue to change our practices, in line with the current guidelines operating at the time.

What was church like in 2020?

Blended meeting, in person and on zoom

During full lockdowns we ran fully interactive Sunday meetings on zoom.
Blended meetings began as restrictions eased. This meant we could hold a meeting in the school hall, with about half the church attending in person. In addition, a simultaneous zoom meeting meant that we could project home participants up onto the big hall screen. That way we could all see and hear each other. As close to normal church experience as we could get.

And what are Immanuel Church Sunday meetings like now?

Presently we are meeting in person on Sundays, but maintaining a minimal zoom option (example shown here) for those who do not feel able to meet in the school hall. Contact us if you would like the zoom codes.


Children are very welcome. Although there are few children in the church currently, they always receive an enthusiastic welcome. The children stay in the church hall with their parent/carer throughout the service, and are not expected to remain silent! There are some toys available for the youngest, and colouring pages are often available for older children. Or you could bring your own notebook, and encourage doodling and sketching based on the day’s topic.