Our Story

All churches have their own story with ups and downs, with encouragements and challenges.

Immanuel Church was launched in October 2016 but our story began back in 2003. That was when St Margaret’s Community Church (SMCC) started. Over the next 13 years, SMCC was a part of St Margaret's Parish Church and a part of the wider Church of England.

By 2016 the church had come of age and was ready to stand alone as a separate church. So we launched as an independent church, with the new name Immanuel. We are no longer within the Church of England but we do seek to foster good links with local churches including the Parish Church which nurtured us for the early years of the church’s life.

We feel the name “Immanuel” is very significant for our church and has shaped and will continue to shape our story. It means “God with us” and we have very much felt the Lord’s presence in the life of the church over the years. We continue to seek God’s presence in our midst, knowing that without Him we can do nothing but with Him all things are possible.

And what about you? Where do you fit into our story? We hope you might join us, even if it’s just for one meeting. Come and see what it is to know the joy and the security of “God with us” in our lives. We would love you to become a part of our story as it unfolds.