Our Vision

We are a group of people enjoying God’s presence with us, both together and individually.

We enjoy God’s presence with us, we follow Jesus, we explain and invite others to follow him too.

We do this because; Jesus promised his followers

          “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

And at the same time he also said:

           “go and make disciples of all nations…”         Matthew 28:18-20


Our mission is to bring people into Immanuel Church to encounter God. We are convinced that true fulfilment and happiness are only found in a personal relationship with God and we long for more and more people to experience this fullness of life themselves. We see this happening by:

Reaching out: going out into the community, making connections with people.

Welcoming in: making our Sunday services welcoming and accessible to new people, presenting the Good News about Jesus clearly and relevantly.

Building up: encouraging people in their walk of faith, helping them to discover and use their gifts.



Our Values


We want to be a people who are encountering God through Jesus Christ in the fullness of the Spirit. We model ourselves on the Spirit-filled early church in the NT which was marked out by the following values:

Anointed worship (Acts 2:43, 47).
To be "filled with awe" as we encounter God so that we gladly yield our whole lives to Him, not just on a Sunday but every day.
Theological depth (Acts 2:42).
To apply our minds to understanding God and His ways as He has revealed them to us in the Bible.
Fervent prayer (Acts 2:42).
To recognise that we are utterly dependent on God for all things and so we are committed to humble and heart-felt prayer.
Intimate fellowship (Acts 2:44, 46).
Although a diverse group of people, we seek to be a united and deeply loving fellowship.
Effective evangelism (Acts 2:47).
To constantly reach out to those who don't know Christ and seek to win lost souls for Him.
Compassionate social action (Acts 2:45; 6:1-7).
To show the extravagant love of Christ in what we do as well as what we say.
Holy living (Acts 5:1-11).
As those who serve a holy God, we seek to be pure in every aspect of our lives.
Spiritual gifting (Acts 2:43; 1 Corinthians 12-14).
We believe all the gifts mentioned in the NT are to be sought and used today with discernment and out of love for others.
Sacrificial giving (Acts 2:45).
As those who have received abundantly from God, we seek to give abundantly to Him.