Women’s Group

Women’s Group

Women’s Group

Alternate Thursdays 7.30pm

This is a group for women who count themselves as members of Immanuel Church, and are free to attend on Thursday evening. Please speak to Gill, Suzanne or Cherry about how to join the group, whether you just want to try it out or come along more regularly. “Zoom” options will sometimes be available. For other groups do speak to Ben.

“Have you understood all these things?” Jesus asked.

“Yes,” they replied.

He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”

Matthew 13:51-52

By learning together we store up treasures. Without giving away anyone’s age, you’ll know what I mean by this: Several of the group have been storing up treasures for some decades! They have done this by being disciples (lit “learners”) of Jesus.

A storeroom is where you store valuable riches to bring out when the time is right. The treasure might be provision for an hour of need, or something beautiful to be admired. We can all acquire new treasures, but it takes some personal effort to learn and put them into storage. This is just one of the reasons we meet together.

Previously used Resources

Would you like some resources for your personal study? Perhaps you want to dive in a bit deeper, to resolve an unanswered question that arose. Maybe you want to look back at the studies, later on in the year.

Resources for James

You can download a workbook with notes and questions, or listen to teaching that should resolve any questions for you. Both these resources tie-in with our group sessions, and are available free of charge

Resources for John

There are many resources available on the Word One to One website. If you prefer, you can buy copies of their books, but the books are all available as free pdfs on their website.

The women’s group’s early days

In 2021 we looked at selected extracts from the book “Gentle and Lowly” by Dane Ortlund. Initially meetings were all on zoom, due to the coronavirus situation at that time. Later on in the year some of us had a brief look at Ephesians, meeting together but a distance. Although we had heaters and blankets, the sun shone and kept us warm enough!